We have a number of workshops planned for the future – both online and face-to-face. All the details are below so please let us know if you have any questions. Registration details are in each event link.

CLOSED Monday 19th April 2021 | 1.00-2.30pm

Improving the Customer Experience

Whether your customer is engaging with your business face-to-face, over the phone, or online, their experience with your staff, your products, your store or showroom has a huge effect on purchase behaviour, how they view your business and what they say about your business to others.

Staff at all levels of the business should be skilled in how to ensure every customer has a positive experience that effectively create customer ambassadors who then represent your business to others.

In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn how to ensure effective greetings and introductions
  • Understand some of the areas that can prevent a successful first point of contact
  • Understand the barriers to creating lasting relationships
  • Be given tips on how to engage with a customer in a short space of time
  • Learn how to establish trust from the first moment of contact

To do this, we will look at effective communication and how to quickly and easily define needs and expectations. We will also look at how to add value to the sales income and reduce the emphasis on price when it comes to purchasing behaviour.

Attendees will come away from this workshop feeling more empowered to engage with customers and more confident about how to create a positive experience that will lead to successful outcomes for all.


Monday 21st June 2021 | 1.00-2.30pm

Adding value to the sales transaction

Adding value to the sales transaction can elevate a simple sale to an enduring relationship that generates recurring business. Learning how to spot opportunities to add value and adding value in a meaningful way is a skill that is vital in today’s sales landscape.

How often do we limit opportunities by closing the deal too soon? There are some simple methods you can employ in your day-to-day sales interactions that not only add value to the sales transaction at the time, but also work to develop strong and meaningful client relationships that create recurring business. When we add value to a sales transaction, we can improve on profit and margin for the business as well.

In this workshop attendees will:

  • Learn how to find opportunities outside the single sales transaction
  • Be provided with a range of communication skills that you can apply to a variety of circumstances within your industry
  • Be introduced to the “psychology of the sale”
  • Learn how you can utilise your conversational skills to extract information that tells you what the customer values, and how to add that into the sales transaction to create a positive outcome for all.

Attendees will find renewed confidence in liaising with customers and understanding how to successfully up-sell and add value to all sales transactions.



“A well-structured course presented in a focused but relaxed manner, with great content and subject matter that will appeal to those new to the industry as well as those with more industry experience who may wish to refine their customer relationship skills.”
Paul Schulz, Revolution Wood Panels (Brisbane, Qld | July 2019)
“Thank you for the training and the insight. I have done a few training courses over the last 10 years and have to say, yours is the best I have attended. I took away so much information from someone who clearly has a vast amount of real life experience and industry understanding. Certainly improved by day-to-day over the last week and my understanding of people’s different personalities.”
L. Turner, KWB Group (Brisbane, Qld | July 2019)
“Dynamic, engaging and informative! Ron Redman’s genuine enthusiasm and adamant respect for his fellow man shows through in his teachings. This isn’t a ‘sales seminar’. This is a master class in how anyone in a service-based industry should be interacting with their clients, customers and, in our case, also tradespeople. I came away with a sincere understanding of how building great relationships and conducting business with unfailing integrity leads to success and enjoyment in every aspect of our business and lives. Throughout the seminar Ron interacted with all the attendees using examples that related specifically to them so we could all walk away with the tools we needed to move forward in our business and careers. I would highly recommend Ron Redman’s training to anyone seeking success and happiness in their work life.”
Carla Waghorn, Design Artistry (Sydney, NSW | September 2019)
“Ron Redman, your KBDi Melbourne Business Bootcamp was excellent. Your presentation clearly demonstrated your expertise, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for the quality distinctions and learnings that I will apply in my business moving forward. I look forward to continued workshops in the future.”
Rina Cohen, Rina Cohen Interiors (Melbourne, Vic | September 2019)
“Ron is a captivating presenter! He’s very knowledgeable and conveys the information in a very entertaining way with lots of participation from the group and anecdotes from his career. Highly recommended!”
Perri Rhodes, Better Bathrooms & Kitchens (Melbourne, Vic | September 2019)
“Thank you for your time last fortnight running the Business Bootcamp. It was great to revisit the important basics that can be applied to our field straight away. It was great discussing ways to overcome client’s objections as well, something I haven’t discussed since a class a few years ago and very important. Everything you discussed is relevant and important as, at times, we can forget the basics during day-to-day work.”
Giordana Coluzzi, Team Leader, Caroma (Sydney, NSW | September 2019)
“I went to a training and development workshop … with no expectations other than being on the receiving end of a well-structure collection of thoughts and ideas assembled in a magical sense…you have dazzled again Ron. Ron described inspired ideas for interactive communication at the first point of contact when trying to procure new client’s business. Surprisingly, I received much more benefit than all the above. I came to realise my own shortcomings [and] … I now know that not only my skill level and verbal response in these early meetings are crucial, but what lies deep below what I say and how I say it… There is a lot to be considered with regard to positive and negative thought processes when a business owner is under pressure to bring in the work for the rest of the team. Thank you to Ron and Debra for an energizing morning and the opportunity to meet similar people sharing creative ideas in business in my field.”
Eileen Middleton, Eileen Middleton Interiors (Marcoola, Qld | February 2020)