Another recent travel experience reinforced the power of humility and gratitude being demonstrated by a business owner.

While visiting North Queensland we were constantly hearing recommendations encouraging us to visit Paronella Park. In case you don’t know of this place, we can only describe it as a fantastic outcome of passion, commitment, determination driven by love.

As described on their web site ‘Everyone has a dream but not everyone’s dreams are fulfilled. José Paronella’s dream was to build a castle. He chose a special part of Australia and created Paronella Park. On 5 Hectares beside Mena Creek Falls in Queensland he built his castle, picnic area by the falls, tennis courts, bridges, a tunnel, and wrapped it up in an amazing range of 7,500 tropical plants and trees (now a lush rainforest!). It opened to the public in 1935. Paronella Park has received multiple Queensland tourism awards, is State and National Heritage listed and is a National Trust listed property. It is privately owned and operated and Eco accredited. Paronella Park is the site of Queensland’s 1st privately owned hydro electric plant’

Taking the time to visit this attraction, we were not disappointed. We were greeted warmly by the staff. Even our dog was given special treatment on arrival by a man who settled her in to a place to be “puppy sat” and reassuring us she would be well cared for while we joined the tour of the site.

Nothing was a problem, all the staff we encountered were amazing. Even though we were on holiday, we could not help assessing our experience from a professional viewpoint. This business must have an excellent staff training program running.

At the conclusion of our tour our group was asked if we could all gather in the courtyard beneath the balcony of the restaurant. The owner of the establishment would like to say a few words.

A man, Mark Evans, one of the owners stepped forward to address us from the balcony. His message was of extreme gratitude for us, the visitors taking the time and spending the money to visit. He spoke with sincerity, humility, and gratitude. We are confident there would not have been one person who was not in appreciation for his acknowledgement to us.

By the way, this was the man who met us on arrival and assured us that our dog would be well cared for!

This experience has prompted us to consider, how often in business do we take the time to say thank you? How often do we demonstrate our appreciation through action and behaviour?

If we are in a position of management or leadership, do we lead by this example to our own staff or colleagues? Humility is generally well received by another person and it is rarely considered a demonstration of weakness.

We encourage you to check in on how you behave as a manager, are your staff demonstrating positive behaviours as a result of your inspirational leadership? Example can be the best teacher.

Redman Training and Development conducts interactive workshops on behaviour support. We have many years of experience to draw on in supporting you and your businesses to achieve even greater success. Let’s chat today about how we can create a custom workshop for your business and your staff.