Take your business to the next level in 2020 with specialist training that will improve sales values and increase customer satisfaction. With more than 50 years’ combined experience in the Australian kitchen, bathroom, furniture and personal development industries, Ron and Debra Redman from Redman Training & Development are uniquely poised to help you, your staff and your business take advantage of new opportunities.

A range of individually-tailored training programs, workshops and short courses will help you and your team sell the features and benefits of quality products and services that are designed to meet your customer’s needs. Topics regularly covered include Sales, Customer Service, Communication Skill Development and Personal Development. Redman Training & Development look in depth at “the art of listening” including how to build a great first impression from the initial customer contact through to engaging with the customer while building a relationship based on trust. Communication skills focus on defining needs and how to manage expectations.

One of the most challenging areas for our industry is dealing with different personalities so great focus is given to understanding the range of personality types and discovering strategies for engaging with and communicating with these different styles. Plus, you’ll discover the key to leaving a lasting impression and creating positive outcomes in a negative environment. It’s also important to stay motivated so Redman Training & Development will help you examine your own limiting beliefs and provide you with a range of success strategies to overcome these. You’ll learn how to identify unsupportive behaviour as well as how to identify personal strengths and use these in a productive manner.

As you head into the busy Christmas period, take a moment to consider how Redman Training & Development can support your business in 2020 to maximise your potential and harness your capacity for growth.