Fuel provides the ability to propel a car forward like inspiration can propel a person to achieve success. Filling my car with fuel recently, my mind wandering about various topics. I thought of a friend who has been dealing with major health concerns. Her resolve to not give in, find ways to return to good health and in the process inspire others to look at life with optimism rather than pessimism, love instead of hate, forgiveness rather than revenge, joy rather than anger, gratitude rather than expectations.

My thoughts took me to realising how I can often be inspired by people or events. Attending various exhibitions, conferences, and trade events, participating in the various presentations and tours I am so often inspired by what I observe and what I am informed about in various forms and topics of professional advice or opinion. I am also inspired by people who are excelling in their chosen field or specialisation of developed skills. Allowing myself to listen to others who have this specialised experience in their fields opens my mind to possibilities not yet considered or, being totally honest, believed could be considered. I was being inspired.

I realised I am especially inspired by presenters who speak with passion and clarity. Their enthusiasm is infectious in good ways. Enthusiasm can certainly be inspiring. Other inspirations I had were through observing participants and colleagues interact. They often came together with other industry participants and partners with warm greetings, welcoming smiles, even excitement at the opportunity to reconnect. Some people have become friends over years of participating at these events, others are meeting for the first time.

Interestingly, my observations reveal there are rarely signs of being competitors, being guarded and elusive. What I observe is an atmosphere of greeting and respect. Of community. These experiences are inspirational and in their own way inspire me to participate and find the next level of professionalism for me to bring to my clients.

Education through attending Industry Forums, Trade events, Exhibitions throughout the world as well as Professional & Personal Development Workshops all have the potential to provide inspiration. There are times when we deny ourselves inspiration by naively believing we “know it all”. We have “been there, done that”. “What could that experience provide me”? There are times when we believe we are just too busy. Yet denying fresh inspiration carries the risk of getting stale, out of date, no longer appealing to our potential customers.

Alternatively, it has been my experience to welcome fresh ideas, alternative options, expand my education. These opportunities often give me a fresh perspective providing the inspiration to search even further, gather more resources and expand successfully on the outcome. Inspiration from others has often fuelled my own inspiration.

I am grateful for the positive feedback from many participants in our workshops who have been inspired by the messages and techniques that they receive through participating in a Redman Training & Development workshop. This feedback inspires me to continue delivering support to businesses and to continue to improve.

Filling my car with fuel propelled me to my next destination. Inspiration may well be propelling you to your next outstanding achievement.

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