How often in our lives, prior to current travel restrictions, have we been confronted with signs informing us of the need to detour from our planned journey. I recall for me it would bring up feelings of frustration, I may be late for my meeting, what way is this detour taking me? Will I see or miss the next direction signs? Could I get lost and end up in unfamiliar locations? Could I lose business from this delay?

The technology provided in mobile devices and “in car GPS” often predict delays and automatically determine an alternate route for us. Some devices give us the choice of accepting or rejecting the alternative options. The restriction imposed by our government authorities to deal with the serious risks of COVID-19 could be considered by many of us as challenging to say the least. For many people I have spoken to, these restrictions have had serious impact on our lives, our relationships, our businesses. How we choose to adapt to these changes can result in very serious consequences or potentially, provide valuable opportunities.

I want to be very clear here, I applaud the initiatives of our government authorities in how they are responding to reduce the impact on our lives and the potential loss of lives. Like a detour imposed on a journey, there are many challenges that effect our lives and ways of carrying out our business. Like many, our business at Redman Training and Development has been based on face to face interaction. For the time being, this method of interaction is not possible. We have needed to adapt, find new viable acceptable ways to interact with clients, new ways to promote business, new ways to deal with everyday challenges.

In today’s challenging times I hear of many people effected by the inability to carry out a normal day’s activities. We now have time on our hands which can be considered a gift. For me, previously I would often defer projects or tasks that were not as important to me to allow me time to address more interesting projects. The current conditions have provided me the gift of revaluating what is really important to me. completing long outstanding tasks.

Quality of communication with family and friends has become an even higher priority in my life. I am experiencing a more in-depth level of communication with my family children and friends. I have even more awareness on the impact to these people’s lives and state of mind. I am observing more people sharing humour or supportive messages. I am constantly being reminded of the importance of family when I observe a mother, father and children out riding their bikes, taking in the surroundings, laughing, connecting, and enjoying life.

Looking back to my initial reflection on detours, I recall that these detours often provided me with new experiences, fresh ideas, a different perspective. As an example, in my earlier years as a sales representative, I recall taking detours taking me out of my routine travel plan often revealed new business opportunities, customers who I had no idea existed. It is my belief this detour is providing us many opportunities to discover new values and to really appreciate connection with others.

I have been participating in several video conference calls, learning new technology, enjoying fresh experiences. I urge you to participate in the next series of Professional Development online meetings available to you. I hope they are good detours in your day.