Business Development in the kitchen, bathroom, interiors, furniture and building industries is often one of the trickiest areas to manage. When things are busy, it’s hard to find the time…and when things are slow it’s hard to justify the expense.

But, expert in business development, Ron Redman from Redman Training & Development shares his expert advice on how to harness opportunities as they arise and adequately plan and manage the future of your business.

In Ron’s view, one of the most valuable aspects of business development is training and he says it’s vital to consistently improve and maintain pace within a constantly-changing business environment. Looking at the significant changes across the kitchen, bathroom, furniture and interiors industry in the last 30+ years he has seen the sometimes devastating consequences of not adapting to these changing conditions.

Ron sees huge value in an investment in management and staff communication skills across the key areas of building relationships, conflict resolution, and improved/optimised business transaction outcomes which lead to the creation of opportunities to add value to customers, increase influencer contacts, secure referrals and increase business.

“Cementing strong business relationships has always been a key to success,” Ron says. “Now, more than ever, strong business relationships can create a focus on improved service and value”.

Ron’s Top 3 Tips for an investment in training

  1. Work with a training organisation that can tailor a program to suit your specific business, set up, staff and industry.
  2. Involve everyone in the business in the training program – every member of your staff represents your business at some level and they can become your loudest cheerleaders.
  3. Lead from the top and lead by example – invest in your skills and work hard to mentor your staff so you share your knowledge and experience throughout the business.